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With the Aussie Economy Having the Shakes, Will You Survive the Economic Crash?.

Article by WealthSafe.

Date Published: 15 May 2013

Well … maybe not so drastic.

But with the Reserve Bank lowering the interest rate to 2.75%, the lowest ever, and the stock market and Aussie dollar plunging, it makes you wonder about the economic psyche of Australia right now. Very unstable that’s for sure, and scary if you don’t have the tools to deal with it!

I especially remember when the GFC hit in 2008. We heard many awful reports about our clients losing 1000’s in their superannuation.  I remember one very grief stricken client bemoaned that they had lost over $200,000. And they didn’t feel any closer to retirement and living their dreams …

So let me ask you a question …

Do you know what your super is invested in? Most people don’t, you know. Managed funds are often wrapped up in an obscure name that you can never understand.

And that’s the difference between the financially savvy and the clueless (or financially “dense”).

While the clueless are panicking, the financially savvy sleep like babies. Why? Because they know that bad economic times doesn’t make wealth disappear. It only changes hands.

It goes from the clueless or financially “dense” to the hands of the savvy.

As Warren Buffett says, he always buys at the bottom.

You know, after 2008, as the hard times hit, many of our staff saw opportunity. They chose to invest in overseas property.  Most did it through their Self Managed Super Funds.

We saw the potential returns. Sure, we did our due diligence. We flew overseas. We had a look.

The result is, we are now enjoying better cash flow and capital growth in our super funds. And better still, we are only taxed at 15%!!

Now that said, let me be clear. A Self Managed Super Fund is not for everyone. You have to do a lot of work. And you have a truckload of responsibility. You need to be sure it’s for you as you are responsible for the outcome. And get the right financial advice from the right financial advisor.

We are not licensed financial or investment advisors. Only accountants.

But the question is, could you survive if there was another jitter in the market? Could you retire in the time frame you wanted to?

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