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Who & What is Controlling You?.

Article by WealthSafe.

Date Published: 20 May 2013

Have you ever wondered why the Reserve Bank of Australia or any international banking organization raises and lowers interest rates?

Forget all the financial mumbo jumbo, let’s make it as complicated as we can so that if you’re not confused to start with, you sure will be by the end of the report.

Let’s keep it real!  The answer is simple.

To control your behavior.

Yep – it’s about control.

When they want people to spend more, they lower interest rates.
When they want people to spend less, they raise them.

It’s not hard to understand, is it?

Here’s another interesting one …

Did you know that income tax was never meant to be imposed on the people?

That’s right.  Historically business was the only one that was meant to be taxed.

But little by little like the frog in the boiling pot it gets hotter and hotter.  And influences outside your control have made it increasingly more difficult for you to get ahead financially.

Why are Australians working so hard than ever before?

When you look deeper and what’s underneath the rock it makes you mad!

Right hopping mad!

Because deep inside all you want is a fair go!

But little by little the promises are broken, the people are lied to, and the ability to provide for your family has eroded away.

Want an example?  “There’ll never be a carbon tax.”  Australia now pays for a tax that was literally pulled out of thin air.  And hey, we’re all cool about looking after the environment.  Extremely cool!

But do you think that money is going back into looking after the environment?

In this day and age, you aren’t left with many options –

Get financially educated, or continue to financially live in the rat race.

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