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What would inspire you so much to skip your favourite football team’s first grand final?.

Article by WealthSafe.

Date Published: 19 Mar 2014

It’s one of those stories that give you goosebumps when you see how one thing led to the next …
I was working at the office when my mobile rang and it was mate Joe calling.

1Now Joe is a die-hard Fremantle Docker fan. I’ve been to a few games with him and there’s nothing funnier than watching this Irish man having a dig at one of the opposition’s fans!

Joe’s on the phone and to my surprise, he wanted to come to the Wealth Safe Breakfast Club that he’d seen me post on Facebook.

Joe arrives on the day, and to be honest I wasn’t sure how he was going to take it.

You see to my knowledge most who attend the Breakfast Club have been to a wealth seminar, are business owners or investors, and I wasn’t sure if Joe had been exposed to this sort of thing.

2On one side of me is sitting with one of my trading buddies, and Joe begins to tell me about the managed fund that his financial planner had set up for him. I listen and smile to myself knowing who our guest speaker is.

On the schedule was one of my personal mentors John who taught me how to put into action the theory I’d learned through my own research on options trading. See John showed me a system that consistently gives him an 8% percent return a month!

Now a few years ago with John’s account size that was equating to a very cool $40,000 a month. (He’s been a bit shy in recent times as to what he’s earning now!)

So John begins to talk about what he does, and Joe is listening.

John loves talking about options trading and goes well past Joe’s deadline as he has another appointment, so Joe whispers an apologetic goodbye and disappears.

The next day Joe tells me since attending the Wealth Safe Breakfast Club he’s discovered that his daughter, (a lawyer), is doing the same trading course that John did when he first started!

Before I know it Joe is enrolled in this course and is attending the same day his beloved Fremantle Dockers are playing their first-ever grand final! This blew me away!

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