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29 April 2013

I have known Warren Black for many years in a professional and personal capacity. As a lawyer I have found Warren to be one of the most open-minded, creative individuals I could hope to meet. Warren is always open to exploring how things can be done, versus being limited by what his peers stubbornly refuse to even consider.

Warren has done some innovative off-shore structuring for me to provide asset protection to my locally-based portfolio and I am pleased to say that when the ATO came knocking one day that the structures were completely acceptable to the ATO, while also being aggressive enough to provide me with the utmost in protection against any potential litigation risks. Warren has never encouraged me to do anything that remotely comes close to breaking any laws or ATO regulations but he certainly understands the system well enough to work smartly within it.

Warren works for his clients’ best interests. He is not one of those accountants who works for the ATO at the expense of his clients (sadly I have had my fair share of these types and paid way more in taxes than I legally needed too as a result!).

It is rare to find an adviser who really fights for his clients’ best interests but Warren is such a guy. His strategies are at the cutting edge and so they may not be for everyone. But if you are seeking creative strategies to enjoy superior peace of mind in protecting your portfolio, then you must at least have an audience with Warren. What Warren doesn’t know about the Australian legal and tax systems is probably not worth knowing.

— Margie, Queensland

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