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Are you fed up with governments plundering your hard-earned wealth so you and your family have got nothing to show for all your hard work and investing?

Have a listen to the wise words of Kerry Packer, Australia’s once
richest man at the print media inquiry in November 1991.

“I am NOT evading tax in any way, shape or form. Of course I’m minimising my tax. If anybody in this country doesn’t minimise their tax, they want their heads ripped.

Because as a government, I can tell you you’re not spending that well that we should be donating extra.”

So as you can see, the rich think the same way as you and have already
taken steps to move offshore.

They have seen the writing on the wall, they’ve been taking their
wealth, they’ve been going to Costa Rica, Panama and all kinds of weird and
wonderful places.

Now why?

Well, the Roman Empire collapsed because they, too, overstretched. They
started getting greedy, saw their citizens’ money as their own, they just
started plundering it, grabbing it so people moved offshore, and presto, the
whole thing went down.

We certainly don’t learn from our mistakes because in Venezuela the
same things happened. They’re collapsing left, right and centre from
ridiculously high taxes.

Cyprus has had similar issues, and now you have the US politicians
running against Trump in the next 2020 election are talking about 70-80% tax
rates if they get elected, promising universal incomes and all kinds of weird
and wonderful things.

You’re seeing it in Australia, America, everywhere.

Hence, your wealth is more at risk than ever before. So if ever you had to get moving, it’s now.

What we do at Wealth Safe is help you reclaim your sovereignty through webinars, and a Facebook group.

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