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Are You SICK And TIRED Of Accountants Who Work More For The ATO, Than For You?

Do You Want An Accountant Who GUARANTEES To Work With You To Find ALL Of The Deductions You’re Legally Entitled

I love what Kerry Packer said at the Print Media Enquiry in 1991…

“I am not evading tax in any way, shape or form. Now of course I am minimizing my tax and if anybody in this country doesn’t minimize their tax they want their heads read, because as a government I can tell you you’re not spending it that well that we should be donating extra.”

The fact is, Australians pay far too much tax, and it is only getting worse. According to a Price Waterhouse Coopers survey, Australia is the 8th worst country in the world for income tax.

As I see it, the role of an accountant is to help relieve this burden for their client. To help the client pay only the tax the law requires of them. No more.

My question to you is this.

Does your accountant work more for the ATO than for you? Or is your accountant truly putting more money in your pocket?

If you’ve ever been frustrated with your accountant you’re not alone. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the top complaints against accountants are…

  1. “I can never get them when I need to”
  2. “They don’t return phone calls”, and
  3. “They never recommend how to improve things” (source: The Sydney Morning Herald, 16/8/11)

Sound familiar?

Why is that you ask? The answer is very simple.

Many small business owners
have taken on a “tax agent”
not an “accountant”…

Let me explain.

Tax agents only do what’s needed to complete a tax return. They are just “grunt workers” or “glorified bookkeepers”.

By contrast, accountants help you manage the tax and financial side of your business, as well as the number crunching. They help you plan your tax, protect your assets, and put your money in your pocket.

They are an important part of your wealth creation team.

So my question to you is …

Would your accountant pass this test?

Is your accountant more like a “tax agent” than a true “accountant”?

If your accountant does any of these he’s probably just a “tax agent”…

  • Are NOT actively and creatively finding new ways to LEGALLY save you thousands of dollars in tax each year
  • Look at you strangely when you talk about living the life of your dreams, and retiring financially free through business, trading or investing in property
  • Are more like a “glorified bookkeeper” who cost you THREE times as much!!
  • Charge you more in fees than save you tax so you feel you’re NOT getting value for money
  • Don’t understand your business, and make no real effort to do so
  • Don’t know the first thing about asset protection or how to use multiple structures and companies and trusts to properly protect your assets
  • Haven’t told you your loved ones may pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax when you die if your Will is not properly set up
  • Do not guarantee their results

If you’ve ever walked away from a meeting with your accountant and can answer “YES” to any of these, chances are you’ve got yourself a “tax agent”.

If that’s what you want, all well and good.

But if you need an “accountant” who WORKS FOR YOU … who understands what business owners need … who GUARANTEES their services …


Our Guarantee

We’ll never charge you more than we save you!


Simple as that!

We help you minimise your tax using companies, trusts, bucket companies, superannuation, foundations and many other strategies.

So we do higher level tax planning.

We also do day to day tax returns for companies, trusts, individuals. We make it our business to understand what you do, whether you’re in business … a trader in shares, CFDs, options, forex … a property investor … we’ve got you covered.

We live what we preach and in fact, trade shares, and invest in property in Australia and overseas.

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Based in Perth and servicing hundreds of clients all over Australia, Wealth Safe is a fast growing accounting firm for small to medium business owners with a turnover of $500,000 to $2 million, property investors, and traders.

We help you find creative 100% legal tax deductions, and slash your tax.

Has your accountant, for example, told you…

  • If you work after 6pm in your business, you may be able to claim your dinner on your tax?
  • If you go on a business trip and also enjoy some recreation while away, you can still claim 100% of your air flight ticket in certain circumstances?
  • You can claim your jewelry or clothing or other personal items against your tax, depending on your situation?

That’s just a sample of the many deductions we ensure you receive and cover in our checklists as part of our process.

And we go one step further with…


We look at your past year tax returns, and see if we find anything your accountant has missed. If we can’t find anything, We don’t charge you a cent!


We look at your past year tax returns, and see if we find anything your accountant has missed. If we can’t find anything, we don’t charge you a cent.

You can’t ask for better than that!

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We look forward to being part of your journey!

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