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Accounting – Share Traders .

DO YOU invest, or trade, stocks, options, futures, Forex or CFDs?

DID YOU know that as a trader you may be able to claim the following expenses:

  • Your education expenses (ie. travelling to any seminars, the cost of the seminars), both initial (in some cases) and ongoing expenses
  • Your meals and accommodation for seminars you go to
  • Subscriptions
  • Any special software you’ve bought
  • Many other expenses that are too numerous to list

You could be costing yourself literally THOUSANDS if your accountant is not claiming every expense that you are entitled to.

Let’s face these facts …

  • Most people don’t have companies and trusts. Click Here.
  • Most people don’t use Self Managed Superannuation Funds You can read our frequently asked questions (FAQs) on SMSFs. Click here.
  • Most people don’t get proper tax and asset protection advice before they start their new business (or enter into that new property or share investment)
  • Most people don’t have creative accountants who think outside the square, and therefore, not only are structured wrongly, but are missing out on tax deductions they could otherwise be claiming in their tax return. Click here.

Some Special Bonuses for Traders …

For any trading client, who sets up structures for trading and business, we can offer the following:

1. Our E-Book “The Tax Intelligent Trader”

We have an e-book called The Tax Intelligent Trader™? Written by Warren Black , this is the FIRST of its kind in Australia. To the best of our knowledge, nobody else in Australia has written a plain English book on options trading and how it works in the tax sense with such clarity.

Being tax intelligent as a trader and building safe wealth s not easy. Most accountants struggle with it.

This book helps not only You, but can help You educate Your accountant. You will understand Your trust or company (or trading in Your own name) with perfect clarity. You will know what to do. You will be one step ahead of the game.

2. Free Consultation Service

Otherwise come and see us for a free no obligation 30 minute consultation Click here and find out how we can save you thousands of dollars in tax each year through careful tax planning and showing you all the expenses you can claim.

Contact us today to discuss your Tax Services. You can either contact us on 1300 669 336 or click here to organize a free consult no obligation.

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