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Protect your assets from nasty government actions and personal lawsuits. Our asset protection experts create unique solutions for your specific problem.

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Our Asset
Protection Service.

Protect your assets before it's too late. Until you've set up the right structures, one lawsuit could devastate your fortune. Our experts create custom solutions to ensure full protection of your assets. Even if you are sued,
your assets will stay 100% safe.

Protection From Government and Personal Lawsuits

Our legal structures protect you from both government and personal lawsuits. You need to start this process before you have a problem. It is crucial to protect your wealth now or risk losing everything in a lawsuit. We offer asset protection structures in Australia and overseas. While protecting your wealth, our experts can also lower your tax burden.

Do I Need to Be a Millionaire?

No. Regardless of your income level, our experts can help. We've helped both small businesses and multi-million dollar companies protect their assets. In fact, any individuals earning more than $200k per year should consider our services. Protecting your assets is a serious business with serious ramifications if you cut corners.

Our process

Our Process.

After a thorough analysis of your data and unique circumstances we advise you of all opportunities. We guide you towards the best path and take control of implementation. Through every stage, we ensure full tax compliance and ongoing support.


Initial Strategy Session.

Receive a no-obligation risk-free assessment with a full money back guarantee (conditions apply.)


Analyse Your Situation.

Financially modelling your situation. We present your options and outline the possible tax savings.


Create Tailor-Made Solution.

We provide a written report with options to minimise your tax along with our recommendations.


Full Implementation.

We fully implement your tax plan to ensure you meet all local and international legal requirements. For those moving overseas to flee Australian tax, we help in the whole process from beginning to end.


Ongoing Support.

Our service continues after we've implemented everything for you. We provide ongoing training to update you on changes as well as providing options to work with us on an ongoing basis.

Meet Virna White.

Meet Virna White

Your personal asset protection expert.

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Wealth Safe is Australia's leader in offshore tax planning. When you work with us, you are selecting a creative out-of-the-box team. We can reduce your tax to as low as 5%, even 0%, while remaining 100% legal and ATO compliant.

Please note when dealing with Australian tax issues around offshore or higher level planning, you must work with an Australian tax expert. You will expose yourself legally and financially if you don't do this, as many overseas structuring companies are based overseas and don't understand Australia's unique requirements.

No. We can work with your accountant. If you don't have an accountant who can implement our creative solutions in your day to day tax returns, we have accountants we can recommend to you.

Not unless you want to. We will take care of all the difficult parts and teach you whatever else you need to know.

Not necessarily. It depends on what you're looking for. We will design strategies to meet your desired lifestyle. Keep in mind, however, that as a rule, you can get better tax savings if you leave Australia and become a tax resident overseas in a country like Panama, Costa Rica, Malta or somewhere like that. The Australian tax laws are super strict when it comes to offshore and it can be costly and expensive to comply with them.

Not at all. At all times we remain transparent with our costs from planning to implementation ... and work on a fixed price basis where possible. Our commitment is for your tax savings to outweigh your costs in working with us and setting up your structures, and accelerate you on your journey to financial freedom.

Laws are always changing. We keep a close eye on changing tax laws and requirements and we conduct regular webinars to keep our clients up to date with all the changes.

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