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My Accountant Saved Me Over $11,000 in tax, so I recruited him!.

Article by WealthSafe.

Date Published: 5 Feb 2014

Yes sure, I work as a tax consultant.

But I hate paying taxes as much as you do. I wanted tax minimization. The fact is, we’re never objective about our own finances. So, while I work in tax minimization in Australia, I also have my own team of experts who help me achieve my financial goals.

I recruited my own personal accountant (with Warren’s help) to work with us as our business partner.

By doing this, you now have access to him also!

Great for you, yes. Now … I’m not so sure if it’s great for me. There’ll be more demand for him and his team very quickly! But I’ll get over it.

I recruited Alex Mora because we want to help our clients with tax minimization. He has proven results with his clients, but most importantly, for me personally!

Let me tell you a bit more about my history with Alex Mora …

I’ve known Alex for a long time. In fact, we go way back. We were in high school, sitting at the back of our maths class sneaking a peak at each other’s notes (who remembers those days?).

When we left school, we go on with our lives. We got jobs. Got married. Had kids.

Alex wasn’t my accountant. I had someone else. She was good at the time when I was in the rat race working a day job.

However, once I became a business owner, working in tax and finance, things changed.

I hit challenges.

I remember the day I went to see her and tell her I’d set up a company/trust. It was a nightmare. I walked out of her office and said to my wife, “Honey, you know I’m not a drinking man, but right now I’m ready to become an alcoholic!”

It was then I realized I’d outgrown her. She could no longer help me with my tax minimization and put more money in my pocket.

I wanted an accountant to help me with my own tax minimization. One who could grow with me.

One thing I loved about Alex is he’s passionate about tax minimization and being creative (while staying 100% legal). Very importantly, he knows about companies and trusts, super funds, and other powerful strategies for tax minimization.

I found Alex knew how to stay on board with the system, whilst putting more money in my pocket.

Anyway, I’m getting to how Alex saved me $11,000 in tax.

18 months ago, I came up with an idea on how to minimize tax very simply. It didn’t require me to work any harder … just complete more paperwork (don’t we love paperwork – not!).

I ran it by Alex and my business partner Warren Black. We tweaked what I was doing.

The result?

I saved over $11,000 in tax I would otherwise have had to pay!

If you want to have a chat with Alex yourself, he’s happy to give you a free review of your situation to see how we can find the hidden money in your finances (at the taxman’s expense!).

Call us today on 1300 669 336 one of our staff will arrange a time for you to speak with our team and find out how we can minimise your tax.

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