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More Sunny Days Ahead for Independent Contractors.

Article by WealthSafe.

Date Published: 4 Oct 2013

For all you independent contractors out there, great news!

With a new government comes the wind of change. And so far, the Abbott government is
delivering the goods for small business. Especially for independent contractors.

So what are we so excited about?

The new small business minister, Bruce Billson, has told the ATO and Fair Work to back
off independent contractors. He says:

“The issue is less about the law itself; it’s the way in which it has been administered,”

He went on to say:

“There are hundreds of thousands of these courageous, enterprising, self-motivated individuals
who are making a contribution to the economy but suddenly found themselves in the Bermuda
Triangle as contributors to the economy.”

Early days we know … but it’s exciting to see a government that’s positive about small

What’s also exciting is to see a politician seeing what the rest of the world knows. Billson
went on to say that the previous government encouraged a hard line with small
businesses on independent contractors to push them into making them employees to
pander to the unions.

Ken Phillips of the Independent Contractors Association is especially delighted.

“This is about people who are looking to increase their income and aren’t doing it in any way that
could be considered dodgy.”

Small business owners contribute a lot to our economy. They give people jobs. They add
a different flavor and variety from the big companies.

At Wealth Safe, we encourage independent contractors. It helps people become self-reliant and encourages them to take charge to increase their own income. And less
reliant on the government.

Either way, there are sunny days ahead it seems. A more clear path ahead to becoming an
independent contractor and start your own business and get out of the rat race!

If you want to talk more about becoming a contractor and how it can save you tax, fill out
our form at our website. We’d love to talk to you. And we don’t charge for the initial
review of your situation.

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