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High income earners in Australia have to pay nearly half of their income to the Australian government in the form of tax. Add various other taxes such as sales tax, capital gains and company tax, then this figure can jump to more than half of hard earned income! There are many ways in which people try and limit their tax liability. Taking wealth offshore is a very popular and attractive option. However, there are lots of pitfalls and technicalities most people don’t consider. We provide international tax advice for individuals and businesses you can rely on.
WealthSafe is here to help.
With more than 20 years experience, WealthSafe’s international tax advisors guide you through the complexities of legal foreign tax strategies. We help you put your wealth where it belongs — in your own pocket.
Heavy Tax
Australia’s income tax rate is among the highest in the world. If you earn more than A$180,000 per year, can be charged up to 45% of that income to go to the government’s coffers. However, it doesn’t end there. Add to that the 2% Medicare levy that goes on top of this, capital gains tax, and other day-to-day taxes such as petrol tax and GST on everything you purchase. Before long you’re paying more than half of your income towards tax.
Combined, these taxes have a major negative impact on your wealth. It seems that everywhere you turn, the government is there to take your money. It feels like you’re being bullied out of ever achieving financial freedom. Considering the time and effort you invest towards achieving financial freedom, that’s unjust.
Shady solutions
All of this seems grossly unfair, and it’s no wonder people turn to risky methods to decrease their tax liability. Some people ‘cook their books’ so that it seems your income is lower than it actually is. Sometimes, they’ll ‘forget’ to send in the correct paperwork with their tax returns, or even work less to qualify for lower tax. Many turn to so-called ‘advisors’ with questionable credibility who  for help. These guys offer ‘solutions’ like pre-packaged tax avoidance schemes.
These methods and schemes are not only unsustainable, but most often illegal! If there is one certainty in life then it’s that the taxman WILL eventually find you, with dire consequences. With this in mind, you have to ask yourself — is this really worth it? Do I really want to risk of potentially losing EVERYTHING?
Worry-free, legal solutions
There is, however, international tax advice for individuals and businesses that is completely above board and 100% legal — no cheating, no hiding, no stress of being caught. One of the most popular tax minimising solutions these days is going offshore. In fact, many of the world’s top companies use this method to significantly reduce their tax liability. Companies such as Apple, Starbucks, Google (Alphabet), Amazon, Facebook, and Uber structure their businesses to tax advantage of competitive global tax rates.
For example, by using their entity in Luxemburgh, Apple pays less than 1% tax on their nearly US$30 billion earnings, Amazon pays a meagre 0.2%, Starbucks 0.25%. Imagine what impact this has on their profits, compared to having to pay in excess of 40% tax by not using this method. And it is all 100% legal.
Great for companies, great for you
Now you may be thinking, this is great for these companies, but can this work for me too? The short answer is a resounding YES! With careful planning and structuring of your income, and the right international tax advisor, you too can take advantage of the amazing tax savings offered on foreign soil. All of it 100% legal, of course.
But wait, it gets tricky.
While it is possible for you to get in on the offshore tax saving action, there are a number of restrictions that can get quite complicated. This is where people who try to do it themselves, and most of the above-mentioned ‘advisors’ trip up — they simply don’t know the details. Most people start companies overseas and think that they automatically qualify for lower taxes, but it is often not the case. They can end up paying tax in that country AND in Australia! Not only does this defeat the purpose, but you also risk running foul of the law.
To avoid this, you need specialist advice, and this is where WealthSafe comes in.
Expert Offshore Tax Advice
Clearly you need to talk to experts, but how do you distinguish between greedy charlatans and the real specialists? It is simple: you need advice from an expert in both international tax laws and Australian tax laws. Morever, you need someone who has your best interest at heart who’s not just looking to make a quick buck.
WealthSafe checks ALL the boxes!
We are the only company that specialises in Australian tax. We have more than 20 years’ experience, and are your Australian and International tax advisors. WealthSafe’s CEO Warren Black is a former ATO employee and the country’s leading expert in offshore tax strategies. When it comes to knowledge of international tax codes and business laws, no one knows better than Warren Black.
We have helped individuals, start-ups and multi-million dollar companies legally slash their taxes. We can do the same for you!
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