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Impact on Australian Workers in Superannuation 2023.

Article by WealthSafe.

Date Published: 22 Feb 2023

Superannuation issues in Australia have a super impact on every Australian worker.

Based on statistics, the ratio of an Australian worker to a pensioner lowers as the years pass by. To give you figures take a look at these:

  • In 2008, there are 4 working Australians to 1 pensioner
  • By 2025, there will be 2 working Australians to 1 pensioner
  • By 2042, there will be 1 working Australian to 1 pensioner

Now that is very alarming!

What if what you worked so hard on today will not be saved properly for your tomorrow? What about your children and your family? Are you sure enough that by the time you retire, what you worked for will fund your pension and retirement?

Why not choose the best controller for your fund now? YOU!!! Yes, you!

Here at Wealth Safe, we understand your hard work and how you want to retire peacefully and use your savings properly. You can decide where and how to invest your superannuation fund. And the best part here is no other managers and no other excessive fees that you can think of.

Self Managed Superannuation Fund helps you establish your retirement planning, you become responsible for your own investment decisions and you become entitled to tax savings.

SMSFs can also be used to protect your assets to a limited degree.

The long wait is now over!

Wealth Safe has professional advisers ready to assist with your concerns. Simply visit our website and fill out the form below or talk to us at 1300 669 336.

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