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Solving the BIG PROBLEM of Financial Limitation 

We are living in a world of abundance with greater opportunities than ever before.

Since the dawn of the internet we entered the information age where opportunities to create wealth and utilise global competition is greater than ever before. People are creating international businesses and gaining access to investment opportunities which were previously not available.

Yet in spite of all of this, more businesses are struggling then ever before.

People are losing money in investments and getting caught in GET RICH QUICK schemes which kill their dreams of financial freedom.

As the ancient Bible said …

“Through lack of knowledge my people perish … “

Taking the step to start a business … or grow your business to a cashflow beyond yourself and invest to give a residual income is critical to achieving your mission and purpose.

From my experience as an accountant and investor, anyone can achieve financial independence if they stick to a plan and PROVEN FORMULA.

As an example, there is an ancient law written in the Richest Man of Babylon that “part of what you earn is yours to keep”. That is, set aside a minimum of 10% of your net earnings for savings. To reward the one who earned the money.

Imagine if you’d done that since you were 18 years old and mastered the skills of investing!

You would be financially independent by now …

Learning how to educate yourself to invest at a higher level is a critical skill which the vast majority of the population rejects.

They have proven it takes a MINIMUM of 10,000 hours of learning in a subject to become a master or expert in it.

Many people spend that time mastering the art of TV shows … or being a good doctor … or a good tradesperson … all of which can be important in the right context.

Yet they fail to MASTER the skills of business or investing, thus dooming themselves to a lifetime of servitude either working for someone else, or working for their own business. And in many ways, your own business can be a greater slavedriver than working for someone else, because EVERY aspect of the business is YOUR responsibility.

Are you Ready to SOLVE the Big Problem of Financial LIMITATION and Become a Master Investor?

The biggest challenge with most courses or programs is they offer investment opportunities or get rich quick schemes without responsibility.

As the founder of Wealth Safe, I have always claimed the secret to financial independence is becoming EDUCATED and RESPONSIBLE for your own finances.

You never abdicate your responsibility in anything. Don’t abdicate your taxes to your accountant and claim ignorance. Don’t abdicate your health issues to your doctor and claim ignorance. If you get in trouble for tax fraud, or lose your gall bladder when you didn’t need to, YOU suffer.

Sure you can sue your accountant or doctor. But it doesn’t help the PAIN you’ve gone through.

So it’s time to OWN the fact you are FINANCIALLY STRUGGLING because of poor choices and a lack of learning.

What I ALWAYS do with my clients is provide access to education to help them become a MASTER INVESTOR and to learn the skills of diligence so they can CHOOSE the right opportunities with them which FITS in with their strategy.

For example, if you are a long term person, you will be attracted to investments which will gain returns over 5 to 10 years or more, eg. Warren Buffett. By contrast, if you are an entrepreneur, you may be more attracted to trading or short term investments which move in and out.

With myself, for example, I don’t like long term investments because to me, a lot of things can change. I focus on short term trading ventures.

By contrast, some of my clients are more long term thinkers.

It is being true to yourself, and gaining the knowledge to help you grow your wealth and ultimately achieve financial independence within 7 to 10 years.

Very POSSIBLE and in my view CERTAIN if you follow the plan. (The reality is most people will not stick to a plan and hence their poor choices keep them in a financial rut(.

How Can I Solve my BIG PROBLEM and Become Financially Independent Using the Global Markets and Ultimately Achieve Global Wealth and Freedom?

I run a “Global Wealth and Taxes” club where I link people in a Mastermind and provide access to the HIGHEST QUALITY wealth education and mentoring.

In this Club, we help you develop a WEALTH PLAN, gain ACCESS to OPPORTUNITIES and achieve financial independence.

How Do I Get in Contact With You?

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About the Author

Written by Warren Black head of the Wealth Safe international tax planning division.

Warren is a tax specialist and global businessman and investor with over 27 years experience in tax planning and asset protection including 10 years at the Australian Tax Office.

He is the ONLY recommended international tax consultant in Australia on Lance Spicer’s list of recommended international tax experts. Lance Spicer is a highly regarded authority in offshore structuring and planning and going under the radar.

Warren knows the tricks of the trade so you only pay the tax you legally have to and you take advantage of the international tricks available to build your wealth faster.

The Roman Empire Story

Let me tell you a story …

If you truly are fed up with the outrageously high taxes you are paying, and want to know how to fight back …

To illustrate let me tell you a story …

Once upon a time there was a far away land.

It was called the Roman Empire.

It was magnificent. It had beautiful buildings, a huge army, all well paid. They felt safe. They had new buildings and wealthy citizens. Government officials were well looked after. The government was big, strong and powerful so they weren’t afraid of war.

People were happy.

Well not really.

You see … there was a dark shameful secret in this land.

Just like the capital Panem in the movie “The Hunger Games”, Rome had become rich and powerful through tyranny. They taxed the people heavily. They knew how to make you pay up. Their methods were cruel. They were known for their extreme torture methods, such as nailing people on crosses (just ask Jesus). They had huge well trained armies to make countries do their bidding.

To put it simply you didn’t cross Rome. You did what you were told.

You paid your taxes, obeyed the laws, etc. etc..

So that’s what the citizens of Rome did. They worked their arses off and paid their taxes. Some became wealthy. And Rome was happy with that. Provided they paid their taxes and remained good little citizens.

There was a catch. The wealth of the citizens could be confiscated at any time at the government’s whim. And it often was. But it was just part of the deal.

Most citizens hated and feared Rome. But they did what they were told.

Now … there was another reason why this worked.

You see, this arrangement worked really well for the wealthy. Yes there was cruelty, extortion and waste … but after all, didn’t they live in a great country? Couldn’t they live in luxury, do business, own beautiful houses and eat the finest foods? Yes there were taxes to pay … but the Roman government turned a blind eye to their tax planning arrangements and side deals with tax collectors. So they were able to get wealthy and live comfortable lives … they just had to do what they were told.

Here was a major key …

The wealthy knew how to minimise their taxes and the government let it to be so. (Within reason …)

Then things changed.

The Roman government grew a lot bigger and its expenses blew out.

They had two choices … Trim the budget or squeeze more money out of their citizens.

What did they do?

You guessed it! They chose the latter.

They cracked down on the wealthy. They made it harder to plan taxes and also for the wealthy to move money out of Rome. With severe penalties for disobedience.

The wealthy quickly became disenchanted. Unlike the poor citizens, they were educated, proactive and not willing to put up with this. They saw wastage of their money. They saw a highly paid yet lazy army who ate too much, and Roman officials living in luxury from their toil.

They were getting nothing in return for the higher taxes and crackdown.

So they started exploring other options. And one day, they found it! The wealthy citizens discovered a world beyond Rome where wealth was safe and taxes lower.

So they started moving money out of Rome.

The Roman government found out and were mad. After all, they had huge budget deficits, large expenses, and we all have to pay our fair share of taxes don’t we!

They made it harder to move money out of Rome. They passed laws putting severe penalties on people doing it.

(Sound familiar?)

This didn’t stop the wealthy. They kept moving money out and planning their taxes.

In desperation the Roman government made it illegal to take money out of Rome.

By this time it was too late. Rome was fast running out of money. And the pool of citizens to extort money from was significantly lower. On top of that, the army were fat and lazy, on bloated salaries and no longer in peak condition. As were the government officials who had no idea how to get a real job.

Then a man called Attila the Hun invaded Rome and … it was all over.

An organised vicious mercenary against a fat overpaid army who was complacent … it isn’t hard to see the outcome. Rome was plundered and the Kingdom fell.

The wealthy who planned their taxes and got their money out of Rome lived happily ever after. Sadly not so the rest of the citizens.

The End.

Well … not quite.

You see, the story goes on.

We’re not much different to Rome really. Taxes keep going up and up. Our government wants to give us as little as possible while getting as much back.

I wouldn’t keep going to a café which kept charging more and giving me less! Yet governments believe they can charge whatever taxes they like regardless of the value. And they get away with it because like Rome, they have the money, the resources, and the power to follow through with their threats. So we don’t pay these taxes because we want to but because we’re scared of what will happen if we don’t.

Fortunately things are changing. Global competition and the rise of the internet is opening the doors of outsourcing and lower taxes to the average person. But while this is happening, and governments are running out of money, like Rome, they’re getting scared. They don’t want to lose their comfortable jobs. So they will squeeze every last dollar of tax they can get out of you.

If you want to have financial freedom and safe wealth, you’re running out of time.

Attila the Hun is coming. He may even be at our borders.

The closer the day comes, the worse governments and their laws get. In fact, I’m seeing more and more business owners working long hours in their business … only to find after a few years, they haven’t really made any $.

And because governments know Attila is coming, and they’re running out of money, tax laws aren’t getting easier. They’re getting tougher.

To give you an idea, tax rates increased by 60% over the last 10 years in most western countries by bracket creep alone, ie. incomes go up but tax brackets stay the same.

So it is pretty clear.

Your freedom and your wealth is at greater risk than ever before.

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