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If you’re fed up with governments stealing your hard earned money, and are committed to learn how to become sovereign and free from the system, and legally set up offshore, in the midst of crazy new laws and governments seizing money as a last resort, watch on of our webinars below.

In these online webinars, Warren Black reveals how the world really works, how the super-rich pay “next-to-nothing” tax, on how much tax big companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Starbucks and Amazon actually pay using 100% legal methods. You will also learn how tax havens really work and how many of the best tax minimization strategies don’t even involve traditional tax havens, and how to tie in an offshore strategy with your business/investments in your home country. Learn all about why governments charge us so much in tax, why the wealthy are going overseas, and why there is a coming economic collapse and how you can prepare for it.

You can watch our 20 minute condensed version (CLICK HERE) or if you are really committed, watch our online webinars below.

The Sovereign Individual Born to be Free

Becoming A Global Sovereign

Panama Papers

Offshore Interview Series with Stephen Petith – Introduction 


Offshore Interview Series with Stephen Petith 1 – Offshore Banking

Offshore Interview Series with Stephen Petith 2 – Offshore Structures

Offshore Interview Series with Stephen Petith 3 – Tax Residency

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