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Australia’s Scary New Privacy Laws …Are You Affected? (interview with Warren Black) 2023.

Article by WealthSafe.

Date Published: 12 Mar 2014

Well, our regulators are at it again. Australia’s privacy laws have been radically overhauled.

Starting 12 March 2014, businesses now have a new set of laws to contend with.

If it wasn’t bad enough coping with the changes to the ACCC fair trading laws, and dealing with all the weird and
wonderful laws our government keeps coming up with, to put more compliance burdens on small businesses with
tax and paperwork and everything else, now businesses have onerous obligations on the security of information.

Now … mind you … it doesn’t apply to all businesses.

Businesses with under $3 million turnover may not be caught. It depends if the businesses do things like selling lists
or are involved in certain types of direct marketing.

Watch this interview with Warren Black, a leading lawyer on tax, asset protection, and insane government compliance…

(Warren is a passionate crusader on this) and find out more about these laws and how they could affect you!

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