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Are your business wheels in motion?.

Article by WealthSafe.

Date Published: 19 Aug 2015

Here’s some frightening facts for you.

Over 90% of Australians are “Just Over Broke” doing a job or have “bought a job” (self employed).

The fact is, you will never get financially independent just doing a job. This is why many Australians go into business, to build a financial future for themselves.

Starting a business can be very daunting if you’ve never done it before.  But it’s like anything.  Once you’ve taken that first step, there’s no looking back.

Sure you’ll make mistakes. Just like the first time you tried to ride a bike. You fell off. And most likely fell off a few times.

Indeed the first step is always the most scary as you leap into the unknown. Yet the reality is most successful entrepreneurs, in the words of the famous shoe company Nike, ‘Just Do It.’

And while the attempt will inevitably be far from perfect, once you make that first step, the wheels are in motion. It is easier to steer a moving car then get a stationery car moving at all.

Somebody starting a business, or setting up their first website, albeit imperfect, is better off than somebody who never even takes the first step due to fear.

Welcome to 90% of the population!

The moment you take that first step, you enter the 10% who are going somewhere. There is nothing like taking that first step!

And the good news is, if you’ve not started yet, you have a clean slate.  It costs less to structure yourself for tax and business registration and asset protection in the beginning, rather than trying to fix up the problems later on. It becomes very expensive later on.

So … if you’re just starting out, and want some advice, talk to us.

We’re offering free reviews from a specialist who has a trained eye on getting your business ideas off the ground or running at optimal performance. Click here, or call us on 1300 669 336 and one of our Specialists will be in contact!

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