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thumbnail-150At Wealth Safe ™ we help you SOLVE your HIGH TAX problem and GROW your wealth safely.

If you’re fed up with accountants who work for the taxman and not for you … of being robbed blind by the government … and others reaping where they have not sown, you’ve come to the right place.

Wealth Safe began as a vision from Warren Black, a qualified accountant and lawyer/attorney, who was passionate and fed up with paying extortionate taxes, and seeing how Australians, Americans, British, Canadians, Kiwis, etc. were all getting fleeced and had nobody to stand up for their interests.

So we’re not your normal tax specialists. We are WAY out of the box.

Now that said … we’re not for everyone. If you just want a normal accountant to do your tax returns, there’s plenty of other options.

Here’s who we CAN help…

  • Business owners or investors who are sick and tired of giving most of their money to the taxman and willing to do whatever it takes while staying within the law
  • Business owners, traders, and others who are willing to become non-residents or go offshore
  • People who are more interested in the RESULT than how much it COSTS
  • High income earners who pay far too much tax and want to invest, but it all seems to get chewed up in taxes and costs
  • Businesses in SERIOUS tax trouble, ie. owe a fortune in PAYG, GST, or withholding taxes
  • Traders (forex, options, CFDs, share) or property investors
  • Those determined to protect their assets from golddigging predators

The possibilities are endless …

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