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At Wealth Safe, we help clients become sovereigns of their own wealth. This means financial independence through wise investing, and creative yet 100% legal structures to minimise tax and protect your assets.

Most accountants care more about following a narrowly defined rulebook than minimising the government’s tax on your hard earned wealth. That’s where we’re different.

We’re passionate about legally freeing business owners and investors from unjust taxes. Our clients reduce their taxes by up to 100%, all in accordance with Australian tax law.

What would you do with a 30-45% increase in business income? How much faster would your investments grow without the government taking their cut every quarter? The best way to find out is to book a free consultation with a Wealth Safe expert.

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Wealth Safe helps you take advantage of taxation loopholes to legally minimise your tax & keep your wealth safe. We implement creative tax strategies that stay strictly within the law & all ATO regulations. Our clients have saved over $55 Million in tax 100% legally.

Get the advice the rich and famous know and exploit. Only 2 of the 56 richest people in Australia pay tax¹ ... yet most of these wealthy citizens pay over $1 million every year to their tax advisors!

Through Wealth Safe, you can use the same strategies as Australia’s wealthiest for a fraction of the price. We’re here to help:

  • Business owners
  • Property investors
  • Crypto traders
  • Individual investors

Setting up an overseas tax residency can bring your tax down to effectively zero, & we have options to suit many individual situations. The first consultation is totally free, so you can assess your options and find out what’s possible.

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Virna & Warren are Australian tax specialists with over 20 years of hands-on client success.

Virna is the power that drives Wealth Safe. Her expertise in finding the optimal tax structures is undeniable. With specialised knowledge in offshore companies, share trading, crypto currency and more, Virna has helped thousands of successful Australians reduce their tax to effectively zero, while shielding their assets from prying governments, & keeping her clients legally protected at all times. When you want security and a focused eye, Virna is the expert you trust.

Warren Black is the Managing Partner of Wealth Safe, one of Australia's most respected tax professionals, and a former lawyer. He has nearly 30 years of experience in tax law, including 10 years with the Australian Taxation Office. Warren is renowned for his creative solutions to dramatically minimise tax while keeping his clients legally protected.

We are your trusted advisors, dedicated to ensuring you keep your hard-earned money. As a client, you’ll benefit from our inside knowledge of Australian tax law, & the fact that our methods are 100% legal. We work hard to ensure you’re able to achieve the lifestyle you deserve!

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