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“I moved overseas
and received $100k
back from the tax office
in the first year.”

David Wilson
E-Commerce Business

Helped Our Clients
Save Over $35 Million

100% Legal and
ATO Compliant

20+ Years of Highly
Satisfied Customers

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Guidance & Preparation

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Minimisation Explained.

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We have a 95% tax
saving success rate
for Australians.

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    Step-by-step guide used
    by the rich and famous.

    We support you through the full end-to-end process of taking advantage
    of taxation loopholes to legally minimise your tax and keep your wealth safe.

    1. Free preliminary call


    • Full assessment of your situation & options
    • Full explanation of our service
    • Preliminary feedback on how much we can save you
    • Examples of people with similar structures

    Next Steps

    You tell us if you want to proceed to the detailed analysis. No pressure.

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    2. Detailed analysis, calculations and your options

      • +Full breakdown of tax saving potential
      • +Estimated first year refund
      • +Tax structure options - pros & cons + our recommendation
      • +Offshore options explained (including country choice)
      • +Both business and personal tax structures
      • +Full quote of implementation cost and timelines
      • +Fully documented analysis of options mentioned above
      • +Service is free if we can’t save you more than it costs in year one
      • +No lock-in contract. You always have choice
      • +We inform every relevant party of all steps (i.e. accountants, laywers etc...)

    3. Implementation of structures and legal paperwork

      • +Assigned to specialists in each jurisdiction
      • +We ensure you are ATO compliant, with no local business assets
      • +All personal property & assets are properly accounted for
      • +We manage all new structural setups (banks, companies etc.)
      • +Full legal compliance ensured at every stage
      • +Dedicated account manager & support team
      • +We do all the heavy lifting
      • +You remain in control with full visibility at all times
      • +You receive a 100% legal tax structure
      • +Your tax bill legally slashed up to 75% - even 100%
      • +Full compliance audit proving you've followed all the rules
      • +Option of ongoing support & monitoring to manage future legislative changes or risk

    4. Advise Australian Tax Office and accountants of updates


      • We ensure you remain compliant.
      • We do this by coordinating with your accountants (or recommending trusted ones for you) to ensure the ATO knows about your change in status.
      • We provide full and clear paperwork to ensure all structures are legal and documented.
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    Succesful client
    tax savings.

    Listed below are real results we have achieved for our happy clients.


    Martin ran a company in Australia making a profit of $1 million. His profit was about to increase to $5 million yet he was paying 27.5% tax, ie. $275,000 to increase to $1,375,000 in tax.


    We moved the structure of his entire business to Hong Kong with offices servicing Australia and Singapore.


    Saved $220,000 in tax now, and a $1.1 million future tax saving (tax reduction of 72%)


    Helen made $500,000 / per year trading Forex, CFDs and stocks. However Helen wasn’t willing to move overseas. Her tax bill was $208,000.


    We set Helen up in a jurisdiction where foreign sourced income was not taxed. Although Australia had strict requirements, we structured it in a way to ensure we met the CFC and CMC rules. We did explain that once her money came back to Australia, she'd have to pay tax.


    $200,000 tax saving (reduction of 96%)


    David ran an e-commerce business overseas making $400k net profit but paying taxes of $130,000.


    We helped David gain Panamanian residency and become sovereign (whilst being free to travel and live anywhere). We also set up a Malta company to run his business to avoid falling into that “Grey zone”.


    $110,000 tax saving (reduced by 95%)

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    Trusted by thousands of clients to keep their wealth safe.

    Do you run a business, or work online? The world is changing rapidly, with working online & offshore now commonplace. Yet the laws are slow to catch up, leaving an opportunity to take advantage of creative and legal solutions.

    We've been helping Australians of all backgrounds move offshore and reduce their taxes (often to 0%) for over 20 years. We have countless happy clients, but legal loopholes are closing. You need to act fast because this is the perfect time to become a non-resident before the door shuts!

    Right now, it's more urgent than ever that you act. With more and more people moving online or trading cryptocurrency/forex/options/stocks for a living, governments are closing these loopholes. Those that act now can be sure of legally gaining an advantage. Don't miss that once in a lifetime opportunity!

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    Wealth Safe Testimonial
    Sammi Lucas
    Small Business Owner

    Highly Recommended!

    “Will 100% Be Recommending!”

    Brilliant service!! Could not have asked for a better start to getting my business structure. This world is still completely new to me and I am very impressed with all the resources Warren and the entire team at Wealth Safe have provided to help me understand trusts.

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    Wealth Safe Testimonial
    Marco Reeves
    Sales & Marketing Agency

    Huge Saving!

    “They were great.””

    They were able to walk me through the whole process, even a tax dummy like myself.... I was very very impressed with the level of service. It was really end to end. They were always there to answer questions, help me complete paperwork and connected me with all the right people. I can't recommend Warren and Wealth Safe highly enough

    Watch video testimonial >
    Wealth Safe Testimonial
    Brendan King
    Small Business Owner

    Saved $46k+

    “The results he [Warren] achieved was incredible”

    Although I thought the result I had figured out with my accountant were the most tax effective way I could setup myself up. I was in a position where I would have to pay 31k in tax. Warren found something in how I was setup, which turned my situation around to getting $15k returned to me. It's a $46k turn around.

    Warren was able to set me up, and help me look forward to further tax reductions for the future. Also for improved asset protection. Warren also did bloodline wills for me and my wife.

    Watch video testimonial >
    Wealth Safe Testimonial
    Janelle Hall
    Doctor (General Practitioner)

    Saved $$$ on Tax!

    “One of the best things I have ever done"

    I am a doctor (GP) who was making a good income, however, I was highly dissatisfied with the high amount of tax I was paying, and also feeling a little lost and frustrated in my life in general. I signed up to work with Warren and his team at Wealth Safe. It was one of the best things I have ever done. Firstly, I got quality advice on my tax and was restructured and legally was able to minimise my tax and get on top of it. Secondly, I joined his mastermind and got some personal mentoring, which was significant....

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    Meet your
    offshore tax

    Our team are Australian tax specialists with
    over 20 years of hands-on client success.

    We are your trusted advisors, fastidious in our attention to detail, and dedicated to ensuring you keep your hard-earned money.

    When you work with Wealth Safe, you can relax, knowing we have your back. We know tax advice on a level that leaves standard accountants in the dust.

    Wealth Safe
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    Free Consultation Call


    Wealth Safe is Australia's leader in offshore tax planning. When you work with us, you are selecting a creative out-of-the-box team. We can reduce your tax to as low as 5%, even 0%, while remaining 100% legal and ATO compliant.

    Please note when dealing with Australian tax issues around offshore or higher level planning, you must work with an Australian tax expert. You will expose yourself legally and financially if you don't do this, as many overseas structuring companies are based overseas and don't understand Australia's unique requirements.

    No. We can work with your accountant. If you don't have an accountant who can implement our creative solutions in your day to day tax returns, we have accountants we can recommend to you.

    Not unless you want to. We will take care of all the difficult parts and teach you whatever else you need to know.

    Not necessarily. It depends on what you're looking for. We will design strategies to meet your desired lifestyle. Keep in mind, however, that as a rule, you can get better tax savings if you leave Australia and become a tax resident overseas in a country like Panama, Costa Rica, Malta or somewhere like that. The Australian tax laws are super strict when it comes to offshore and it can be costly and expensive to comply with them.

    Not at all. At all times we remain transparent with our costs from planning to implementation ... and work on a fixed price basis where possible. Our commitment is for your tax savings to outweigh your costs in working with us and setting up your structures, and accelerate you on your journey to financial freedom.

    Laws are always changing. We keep a close eye on changing tax laws and requirements and we conduct regular webinars to keep our clients up to date with all the changes.

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